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[RFC] Extending wireless-tools-udeb

Currently wireless-tools-udeb exists and it is still included in some images 
[1], but AFAICT the binaries in the udeb are not used anywhere so there 
should be no need to include it by default.

IMO it still makes sense to keep the udeb for debugging purposes, and 
possibly also for cases that netcfg currently does not support [2]. But for 
that purpose it is probably useful to add iwevent and iwlist to the udeb 
(not sure about iwpriv and iwspy). It should then also be listed as an 
optional component in anna.

So steps would be:
- remove wireless-tools-udeb from all pkg-lists
- request addition of iwevent and iwlist (and iwpriv and iwspy?)
- request addition of menu-item-number 99999



$ cd installer/build/pkg-lists
$ wcgrep wireless-tools

[2] Of course this would only work for CD-based installs where no network is 
needed to load additional components.

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