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Bug#472824: Some Lenny install issues supposedly linked to win32-loader

Hi Jochen,

On Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 01:46:10PM -0400, Jochen Plumeyer wrote:
> Install tasks:
> The "desktop" task installs, if the installation is started the classic way 
> via BIOS from CD. But it does not install, if the CD is started with the new 
> win32-loader mechanism from Windows ("XP SP2 spanish" in my case).
> An "aptitude install kde kdm" solved it.

Which options did you choose in the win32 part of the install process?

Did you get GNOME instead of KDE, or just no desktop task at all?

Also, if you can reproduce the same boot settings again, would be nice if
you can provide a copy of the cmdline parameters (/proc/cmdline) and preseed
settings (/preseed.cfg) in your running Debian-Installer.  (feel free to ask
if you have doubts or need assistance on how to do this)

> Clock/timezone setup:
> I chose spanish localization, but the options for Carribean or even other 
> countries others than European did not show up in the install with 
> win32-loader.

Are you referring to the timezone question specifically, or also to the country
selection?  Also, do you mean that the question was displayed with incomplete
answer options, or that it was missing?  Both settings can be auto-detected from
Windows, but I'm not aware of any situation in which an incomplete list would
be displayed.

> Install boot loader:
> The dialogue asked me, if grub should be installed in the (hd0) disk, I said 
> no, "please install grub in (hd0,1)", but the MBR of the disk has been 
> overwritten.
> I thought the initial bootloader would be left untouched, but no.

I recall having gone through this before.  Could you provide the version number
of the win32 loader in the CD you downloaded? (displayed in the first screen
when you run it)

Thank you!

D-I team: I'm not familiar with "installation-reports" bug entry handling.
Should I reassign this bug to win32-loader, or perhaps clone it?

Robert Millan

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