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Re: [RFC] Removal of System.map files of kernel udebs

Otavio Salvador wrote:
> Today Martin broght a question on IRC about System.map files being
> installed on kernel udebs and thinking about it looks like it's
> useless for us.

Why do you think it's useless?

    - If System.map is included in the kernel image udeb, pass it to depmod
      via -F and delete it when done. This is to support building on systems
      running 2.6.
    - Add a kernel to the demo image type, because this is necessary to get
      the System.map so depmod will work on 2.6. 
    - copy System.map to $(TEMP) instead of deleting it, I understand sparc
      needs this

Have you tested on all architectures?

What about the code in build/Makefile that handles System.map, shouldn't
it also be removed?

see shy jo

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