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Re: Bug#471130: installation-reports: Installer still wants to install lilo if you disable lilo in preseed

Op 24-03-2008 om 17:33 schreef Frans Pop:
> On Monday 24 March 2008, Geert Stappers wrote:
> > reopen 471130
> > thanks
> As I think I have told you before, this is the wrong way to reopen bug 
> reports. You should use the 'found' command instead. See the BTS 
> documentation for further info.

>From http://www.debian.org/Bugs/server-control

| reopen bugnumber  [ originator-address | = | ! ]
|     Reopens #bugnumber if it is closed.
|     By default, or if you specify =, the original submitter is still as
|     the originator of the report, so that they will get the ack when it
|     is closed again.
|     If you supply an originator-address the originator will be set to
|     the address you supply. If you wish to become the new originator of
|     the reopened report you can use the ! shorthand or specify your own
|     email address.
|     It is usually a good idea to tell the person who is about to be
|     recorded as the originator that you're reopening the report, so
|     that they will know to expect the ack which they'll get when it is
|     closed again.
|     If the bug is not closed then reopen won't do anything, not even
|     change the originator. To change the originator of an open bug report,
|     use the submitter command; note that this will inform the original
|     submitter of the change.
|     If the bug was recorded as being closed in a particular version of
|     a package but recurred in a later version, it is better to use the
|     found command instead.
| found bugnumber [ version ]
|     Record that #bugnumber has been encountered in the given version of
|     the package to which it is assigned.
|     The bug tracking system uses this information, in conjunction with
|     fixed versions recorded when closing bugs, to display lists of bugs
|     open in various versions of each package. It considers a bug to be
|     open when it has no fixed version, or when it has been found more
|     recently than it has been fixed.
|     If no version is given, then the list of fixed versions for the bug
|     is cleared. This is identical to the behaviour of reopen.
|     This command will only cause a bug to be marked as not done if no
|     version is specified, or if the version being marked found is equal
|     to the version which was last marked fixed. (If you are certain
|     that you want the bug marked as not done, use reopen in conjunction
|     with found.)
|     This command was introduced in preference to reopen because it
|     was difficult to add a version to that command's syntax without
|     suffering ambiguity.

Please give preference to 'found' above 'reopen'.

Team Player

Thank you for NOT ignoring the feedback to #471130

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