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Bug#471130: installation-reports: Installer still wants to install lilo if you disable lilo in preseed

reopen 471130

Op 22-03-2008 om 16:35 schreef Ronald:
> This bug has not been fixed.

This bugreport is reopened.

> I have this in my preseed.cfg (which is inside  my initrd.gz):
> d-i lilo-installer/skip boolean true
> And I'm using todays upload..
> md5sum: 802c43bcd8140e4b6dd969af80d0c528

That MD5 sum does not tell if the version of lilo-installer is included
that has the fix for the bug you reported.

Two possible scenarios:

1. Find out which version of lilo-installer is used.

2. Do a reinstall with the lastest versions. ( You may have reinstalled
too early, the fixed version might not have been available yet. )

Geert Stappers

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