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Re: Bug#468960: network-console type images assume sshd will be installed

On Sunday 23 March 2008, Robert Millan wrote:
> > Please [...] read and follow the mailing list policies.
> Do you happen to know how to setup mutt to do this?  I've been wondering
> that for years (usually I adjust the headers manually when someone
> complains, but that doesn't work too well).

No, sorry. I don't use mutt. I use kmail and that's pretty intelligent about 
selecting the correct form of reply. But even then I often tweak the 
address headers, which is extremely easy to do.

For example, I will generally:
- set reply to to the BR when replying to installation reports to avoid
  getting only private replies and to avoid getting CCed on replies
- delete CC to team members (or people who I know read the list) when
  replying to BRs filed by them

From what I've heard the thing to do for mutt is to teach yourself not to 
hit "group reply", but "list reply". Maybe it can be automated, but you'll 
have to ask mutt experts.

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