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Bug#387370: 'notail' default mount option for reiserfs partitions.

On Thursday 20 March 2008, Teodor wrote:
> The default mount option for the / reiserfs partition is 'notail'. Is
> this something of concern?

Actually, looking at the code, the notail option is added for whichever 
partition has /boot. This can be of course be the root partition if there 
is no separate /boot partition.

From googling it seems that both grub and lilo have (or had) problems with 
reiserfs without the notail option.

I have just tried an install without the notail option and had successful 
reboots using grub, grub2 and lilo when installed into the MBR, so it may 
be that the restriction is no longer there. However, I'm not completely 


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