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Bug#471776: Installation Reports [Debian Installer Lenny Beta 1]

On Thursday 20 March 2008, christophe wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 20, 2008 at 2:28 PM, Frans Pop wrote:
> >  Can you still switch to VT2 (second console with debug shell)?
> >  If you can, are any errors listed if you run 'dmesg'?
> >  And what's the output of 'ps'?
> Sorry, i can't witch to VT2. The keyboard and all other hardware
> resources seems frozen. Now, i want to try an install with the USB key
> and other images...

OK. In that case there are several things to try

1) Boot the installer with 'install DEBIAN_FRONTEND=text'.
This will give you the text frontend and any kernel errors should then at 
least be displayed even if the system freezes.

2) Boot the installer with 'install b44.blacklist=yes'.
This will block the kernel from loading the driver for your network card. If 
that fixes the hang, we know that it's a kernel issue.
If that does not work, we could try blacklisting some other modules 
(firewire or wireless maybe).

Note that we will be switching to a 2.6.24 kernel soon for the installer, so 
it may be good to try again then.


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