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Bug#471505: fb=false required on HP Compaq 2510p notebook

On Tuesday 18 March 2008, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
>  - fb=false is still required.  Any idea why this might be

Sounds like the kernel's vesa framebuffer driver has problems with your 
hardware, possibly with the resolution.
You could try if passing a vga=X parameter that match the native resolution 
of your display helps.

>    and who to talk to about this?

Upstream kernel issue I'd say.

>  - firewire support is currently not included, so there's only one
>    network device.  I plugged in an USB Ethernet dongle because I
>    wanted to make sure the "Intel Corporation Unknown device" message
>    is gone.  However, I found that the amd64 PXE image does not include
>    nic-usb-modules.  That's kinda strange.

Looks like that's just an oversight. I'll add them.


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