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Bug#471027: debian-installer: please give pasteable ssh command line

On Saturday 15 March 2008, Christian Perrier wrote:
> > please consider giving a pasteable ssh command line (such as "ssh
> > installer@") on the "Continue installation remotely using
> > SSH / Start SSH" screen of the installer so that the command line
> > could just be pasted over to the ssh client machine.
> Isn't that what's already done ?

Author: fjp
Date: Sat Mar 15 11:31:12 2008
New Revision: 51938

* Display example ssh command. Closes: #471027.

 Template: network-console/start
 Type: note
 # :sl2:
 _Description: Start SSH
  To continue the installation, please use an SSH client to connect to the
- IP address ${ip} and log in as the "installer" user.
+ IP address ${ip} and log in as the "installer" user. For example:
+ .
+    ssh installer@${ip}

So, yes. At least, since a couple of hours it is...

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