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Re: [RFR] Major localechooser revamp

Quoting Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl):
> On Sunday 09 March 2008, Frans Pop wrote:
> > Any new dialogs have been added without enabling translation so that they
> > can be reviewed before translators see them.
> In case people missed it, this is the dialog that was added for when 
> switching languages is no longer possible:
> +Template: localechooser/no-language-select
> +Type: note
> +Description: Language selection no longer possible
> + At this point in the installation it is no longer possible to change
> + the language for the installation, but you can still change the country
> + or locale.

"installation" is repeated

Maybe omit the first one:

At this point it is no longer possible to change the language
for the installation....

Maybe extra comma:

At this point, it is no longer possible....

(but this is maybe Frenglish: we use ton indert commas when sentences
are not in a continuous flow when read)

> + .
> + To select a different language you will need to abort this installation
> + and reboot the installer.

Again, "this installation" could maybe be omitted:

To select a different language, you will need to reboot the installer.

(please note the additionnal comma....again maybe some
Frenglishm...though probably less than the former sentence)


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