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Bug#470423: debian-installer: CDROM drive lockup during multiple CD installation

Hello Philip,

On Tuesday 11 March 2008, Philip Charles wrote:
> When cdset was closed CD1 was asked for.

What exactly do you mean by "cdset was closed"?

> CD1 was then asked for a second time.
> At this stage CD1 was asked for repeatedly when return was hit.
> The CD could not be ejected by normal means.

Exactly at what stage was this? Was this still during the scanning of the CD 
set, or was it after the installer had asked about participating in the
"popularity contest" and what packages you wanted to install?

> A second tty was opened and the <eject> command worked.
> The drive then became active, the CD reinserted and the installation was
> completed.

Glad that you were able to find a workaround.

Could you please send us the following files from the directory
/var/log/installer on the installed system:
- hardware-summary
- syslog (please gzip this file!)
- status (please gzip this file!)

Thanks in advance,

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