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Bug#470144: debian-installer: broken cyrillic messages in the log console while installation

2008/3/10, Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl>:
>  I think that an issue like this will in practice only get solved if someone
>  who is affected by it puts some time in it. And even then I'm not sure that
>  we can solve it in all cases, especially if the solution would cost a lot
>  in terms of memory or initrd size.


>  Note that you should be able to read the logs by using the web server option
>  in "Save debug logs", though I agree that's a workaround instead of a real
>  solution.
>  Jérémy Bobbio is working on supporting a graphical terminal in the graphical
>  installer. I've just tried an install in Russian using his demo image and
>  that _does_ solve the problem [1] (not tested if it also works for
>  languages using combining scripts).

Yes, readable Russian with ugly font.

Yuri Kozlov

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