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Bug#470144: debian-installer: broken cyrillic messages in the log console while installation

Hello Yuri,

On Sunday 09 March 2008, Yuri Kozlov wrote:
> While installation from AMD64-CD1 and selecting Russian language I can
> not read russian messages in the log console (Alt-F4).
> Screenshots included.

This is a known issue (can't find other BRs right now, but I'm sure we have 
them). It is a somewhat limited problem as it only affects the installation 
after base installation, but still annoying if that's where your problem 

I think that an issue like this will in practice only get solved if someone 
who is affected by it puts some time in it. And even then I'm not sure that 
we can solve it in all cases, especially if the solution would cost a lot 
in terms of memory or initrd size.

Note that you should be able to read the logs by using the web server option 
in "Save debug logs", though I agree that's a workaround instead of a real 

Jérémy Bobbio is working on supporting a graphical terminal in the graphical 
installer. I've just tried an install in Russian using his demo image and 
that _does_ solve the problem [1] (not tested if it also works for 
languages using combining scripts).


[1] http://people.debian.org/~fjp/tmp/d-i/syslog_russian.png

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