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Bug#443979: Package: installation-reports

Steven Tupper wrote:
> Machine: ETX-LX-800 R10 board on an mini ITX base board
> Processor: AMD Geode GX MMX 500MHz
> Memory: 256MB + 8MB graphics
> Comments/Problems:
> I run up the system and it boots to the cd which runs the Debian
> installer app.  I get the splash screen with the 'F1 or enter' text.
> If i just press enter i get a blank screen with a flashing cursor,
> if i press f1 then install i get:
> Loading /install.386/vmlinuz...............
> Loading /install.386/initrd.gz...............
> Ready.
> _
> and there is where it sits until i reboot it.

I am seeing an almost identical issue using an AMD Geode GX-MMX 333MHz
with 256M of ram in an Acrosser AR-B1554A.

Testing to determine other datapoints.  Woody installer boots linux
2.2.20 and 2.4.18.  Sarge installer boots linux 2.4.27 and 2.6.8.  But
Etch will not boot 2.6.18, Lenny will not boot 2.6.22 and Sid will not
boot 2.6.24.  Booting DSL-N boots linux 2.6.12 okay.  Booting an FC8
live cdrom boots linux 2.6.24 okay.


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