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Re: Bug#468832: multipath support

On Saturday 08 March 2008, Christian Perrier wrote:
> I don't exactly agree about "meaningless". Knowing that WWID means
> "WorldWide IDentifier" helped me to understand that this seems to be a
> generic way to name a multipath device, so expanding the acronym has
> at least some teaching benefit.

I meant "meaningless" in the sense that you can call any ID a "worldwide 
identifier" but it would tell you exactly nothing about what type of thing 
it is identifying. The fact that it has "ID" at the end is already a pretty 
strong indicator that it is some type of, eh, ID.

Now, if it had been "GPSDID" (global path to storage device identifier) or 
something similar, I could have seen some point in explaining the acronym, 
but in this case the explanation is exactly as meaningless as the acronym 
itself, so I really don't see why we should bother.

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