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Bug#469680: localechooser: Current preseeding does not support some language/country options

Package: localechooser
Version: 1.37

Currently language and country can only be preseeded through the locale 
debconf template. Although this works well for most situations, there are a 
few that are not supported by this system.

Example is language Traditional Chinese (zh_TW) + country Hong Kong (HK).

Selecting that manually will result in language=zh_TW:zh; locale=zh_HK.UTF-8 
and country=HK.

Preseeding 'locale=zh_HK' will result in language=zh_CN (wrong) and a prompt 
for the country (with default not equal to HK).
Preseeding 'locale=zh_TW debian-installer/country=HK' does not improve 
things (the country basically gets ignored).

For such cases, it should be possible to preseed locale, language and 
country separately.

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