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Re: [PATCH] support live image installing mode selection

Quoting Otavio Salvador (otavio@debian.org):

> > _Description: Installation mode:
> >  Please select the installation mode to be used.
> >  .
> >  By choosing 'normal', the installed system will be a regular system
> >  running from disk while 'live' will continue by running a system
> >  without any physical installation on disk.
> The 'live' isn't to run without installation but continue to run from
> ram, not from the disk. It loads it from disk, instead of CD-ROM. 

Hmmm, I'm quite in the dark here..:-)...Which probably means that
other translators will also be in the dark.

In short, I actually fail to understand what do these two modes,
exactly...probably because I don't know enough live-installer itself.

Could you maybe reformulate the template by using the organisation I
propose but using the correct words wrt what does exactly both

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