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Re: [RFR] Installation Guide - update of apt-setup section for multiple CDs

On Thursday 06 March 2008, Philip Hands wrote:
> > > If you are installing from a full CD or a DVD that is part of a
> > > larger
> >
> > I would drop the "a" infront of DVD or "full" altogeher.
> I'd rather say that you should drop the full here, since the "is part of
> a larger set" implies a full CD anyway, so how about:
>   If you are installing from a CD or DVD that is part of a larger set

Well, we do normally use full to refer to the these images (see e.g. the D-I 
page. Basically we have:
- businesscard CD
- netinst CD
- full CD (where full is meant as "not incomplete")
- DVD (is indeed technically also a full image as it is not incomplete, but
  the prefix is not needed to distinguish it as with CDs)

I repeated "a" because that does make clear that "full" does not refer to 
the DVD. But I agree that set implies that we're talking about full CDs, so 
it could be dropped.

> >> +currently in the drive. Note that only CDs or DVDs that belong to the
> >> +same set should be scanned.
> >
> > Really? I should avoid mixing a weekly snapshot of the first 5 CDs with
> > older onces of the remaining CDs? Wouldn't it be possible that a
> > missing dependency can be resolved on an older disc?
> No -- dependencies are always satisfied on earlier disks, and while
> having some older ones tagged on the end might work, it might cause
> upset when things on the earlier disks have been upgraded such that they
> no longer satisfy later dependencies on the later disks.
> Also, if things on the earlier disks have grown, then some packages will
> have fallen off the end of the last new disk you have, but still be
> missing on the old one that you might have thought follows it.

Yes. Mixing sets is in general a bad idea, unless you know what you're doing 
or also have a network mirror selected. I don't think we want to suggest to 
people to do that in the manual though.

> I think you have a point here -- how about:
>   One advantage of adding a network mirror is that updates that have
>   occurred since the CD/DVS set was made, and are part of a newer point
>   release, will become available for installation, thus extending the
>   life of your CD/DVD set without compromising the security or stability
>   of the installed system.

Right. Used with a few minor modifications.

> Other than that, I'm afraid I'd tend to disagree with most of the other
> points you made (although well done for putting the effort in).  You
> appear to be applying grammatical rules in a way that, while perhaps
> strictly correct, doesn't end up sounding like natural English (of
> course, being English, the only grammar I was ever taught at school was
> in Latin & French, so perhaps I'm not qualified to comment on English
> grammar ;-)

I have made a few other changes based on Jens' comments.

Thanks to you both for the review.

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