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Re: [RFR] Installation Guide - update of apt-setup section for multiple CDs

On Wed, Mar 05, 2008 at 03:27:02AM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> I've updated the section in the installation guide about configuring apt to 
> describe that it is now possible to scan multiple CDs.
> I'd welcome comments on the new text before I commit the changes.

My comments are maybe a little bit too verbose, so ignore anything you
do not like ...

> +If you are installing from a full CD or a DVD that is part of a larger

I would drop the "a" infront of DVD or "full" altogeher. What does
"full" stand for? A non netinst or business version of the installer?
You know that it is possible to burn such an image also on a DVD, in
this case "full" should also apply to DVD. But maybe I understand "full"

> +set, the installer will ask if you want to scan additional CDs or DVDs.
> +If you have additional CDs or DVDs available, you probably want to do
> +this so the installer can use the packages included on them.

> +them is not required. If you also do not use a network mirror (as explained
> +in the next section), it can mean that not all packages belonging to the
> +tasks you select in the next step of the installation can be installed.

you WILL select?

> +Packages are included on CDs in the order of their popularity. This means

Above you write "CDs or DVDs" here you mention only CDs.

> +that for most uses only the first CDs in a set are needed and that only

Plural of CD was intended? Maybe "first few CDs" to avoid confusion with
"first CD" ...

> +very few people actually use any of the packages included on the last CDs
> +in a set.

> +If you do scan multiple CDs or DVDs, the installer will prompt you to

Drop "do" or replace with "will"?

> +exchange them when it needs packages from another CD/DVD than the one

CD/DVD is used beside "CD or DVD" from above ...

> +currently in the drive. Note that only CDs or DVDs that belong to the
> +same set should be scanned.

Really? I should avoid mixing a weekly snapshot of the first 5 CDs with
older onces of the remaining CDs? Wouldn't it be possible that a missing
dependency can be resolved on an older disc?

> +If you are installing from a full CD or using a full CD image (not DVD),

"not DVD" refers only to the image? Otherwise remember that it is indeed
possible to burn a CD image on a DVD (lack of empty CDs ...).

> +using a network mirror is not required, but is still strongly recommended
> +because a single CD contains only a fairly limited number of packages.
> +of a network mirror is optional. One advantage of adding a network mirror is
> +that it will make updates of packages in point releases of the distribution

Please check grammar "in point releases"??? Is just a "available"

> +available for installation.
> +In summary: selecting a network mirror is generally a good idea, except

s/selecting/Selecting/ ???

> +if you do not have a good Internet connection. If the current version of
> +a package is available on the CD/DVD, the installer will always use that.

s,the CD/DVD,a CD/DVD,

> +The amount of data that will be downloaded if you do select a mirror thus

Drop "do"?

> +depends on
> +which of those packages are present on the CDs or DVDs you have scanned, and
> +whether any updated versions of packages included on the CDs or DVDs are

Plural of "version" after "any" is OK?

> +available from a mirror (either a regular package mirror, or a mirror for
> +security or volatile updates).

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