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Re: [RFR] Release Announce draft at wiki

On Tuesday 04 March 2008, Jérémy Bobbio wrote:
> I do agree that the current draft does not look like a release
> announcement.  But the document I had initially written was actually
> meant to be a part of it, as a simple, human-readable compilations of
> the various changes in the installer since Etch.

If that was it's purpose, it should not have had it's current header and 
Otavio should not have presented it as "the" release announcement on the 
mailing list.

My response was based on the assumption that this was a draft version of the 
announcement to be sent out to the d-d-a list, and my reaction was based on 
that. As such I think my reaction was 100% correct.

If you want to provide an _additional_ more extensive changelog, that is 
fine by me. But that is not the info I had when asked to comment on it.

Even then I think the current document is messy in the sense that the 
information is not very logically ordered and does a bad job to reflect the 
impact and importance of various changes.

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