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Bug#248061: some link detection code all ready there

On Wednesday 27 February 2008, John Morrissey wrote:
> These interfaces take a while to negotiate a link, probably because
> spanning tree is enabled on the switch ports they're attached to, so it
> necessarily takes a while for the port to enter the forwarding state. Is
> there a way to have d-i/netcfg sleep for a longer (configurable?) period
> of time before assuming no link has been negotiated?

OK. One way to test this theory would be to run an installation with
'install priority=medium' and wait for some time between the network 
hardware detection step and the network configuration step.
And maybe check dmesg or VT4 in between for link detection messages.

Does that result in reliable automatic selection of the connected NIC?

If it does, how long is the delay between the driver being loaded and the 
link coming up (/var/log/syslog should be able to tell you)?


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