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How to bypass partman during installation in d-i?


The primary question is how to create non-standard configuration for partitions. That layout can't be created by current partman at all.

Sample layout:
All partitions are under EVMS control. 
There are 3 RAID1 items: /, swap and /var/log via EVMS (/dev/evms/root, /dev/evms/swap, /dev/evms/log ). RAID1 chunks with identical size must be created for every disk founded. And lately assembled. There are also some work with boot-loader to allow boot from every disk from disk set.  All things must be done in OEM-style installation (preseed heavily used).

Doing my homework:
1. I recognize that ancient evms-udeb had been dropped from evms source package in sarge days. Revived by hands and works.
2. partoconf: test_evms function do nothing for modern evms state. 
3. partman: has no EVMS support at all

The questions:
1. How can I switch off partman or replace it by simple custom shell script?
2. How to tell to partman about new special /dev/evms/* layout ?
3. How to inform LILO to make the own boot records for every disk in set?


PS: Please, don't tell me about EVMS upstream status. 
With best regards, Vlad Shakhov

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