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Re: [SRM] D-I update for Etch 4.0r3 point release

On Thursday 31 January 2008, Frans Pop wrote:
> Kernel (module) udebs for new kernel ABI 2.6.18-6 have just been uploaded
> (see list below) and are now in NEW. When they have been accepted in p-u
> I can start working on an upload of D-I itself.
> I have also sent a proposed script for automated BYHAND processing for
> d-i to Anthony [1] two days back. I'd very much like to use/test that
> script with this upload, but that will require cooperation from
> FTP-masters, probably Anthony.

Anthony this morning did the BYHAND processing for the autobuilt arches 
(using the script :-) and everything is in place now.

Below the proposed text for D-I section in the stable release announcement.


Debian-Installer Update
The installer has been updated to use and support the updated kernels 
included in this release. This change causes old netboot and floppy images 
to stop working; updated versions are available from the regular locations.

This release also includes the stability improvements and added support for 
SGI O2 machines that were announced with the 4.0r2 point release, but were 
not actually included in that release.

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