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Re: highpoint/grub conflict detection would be nice

I've followed up the grub2 side of this at Savannah. However, for
Debian-installer, I think a simpler solution is to detect a HPT37x
controller by PCI ID or similar (eg. udev loading the hpt366 module or
pata_hpt37x or pata_hpt366 would be a good test, I think) and in that
case install debian-mbr in the MBR and grub or grub2 in the partition
that holds /boot instead.

That saves any dependency on an update to grub to fix this conflict.

It's how I'm booting this server right now, for example. ^_^

(Sorry for repeat, forgot to CC original)

Paul "TBBle" Hampson, Paul.Hampson@Pobox.com

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