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Hi Folks,

I've just put the first cut of a udeb that's aimed at allowing people to
use d-i to restore from a backup.

It currently only deals with a gzipped tarball available via wget, and it
relies on the nasty hack of downloading a statically linked GNU tar for
doing the untarring (as busybox's tar didn't turn out to be up to the job)

Read more here:  http://hands.com/d-i/restore/

There are _many_ limitations to this, but I have just successfully used
it to restore a backup to a clone server, and then edit the hostname &
IP address to suit the new machine, and I can certainly see that the
small amount of by-hand tweaking I had to do should be automatable,
which would make this a much more comfortable proceedure (it's already
much easier as a result of having this package)

Oh, and the templates seem to be largely broken, since they do get
inserted (using the trick of editing the disk-detect.postinst in the
early_script) but for some reason all the notes and text templates
get blanked.

Anyway, release early & often, eh? :-)

Cheers, Phil.

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