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Bug#462809: installation-report: successful installation of 'lenny' to Powermac G5, but required manual partitioning

On Sunday 27 January 2008, Ben Finney wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
> Guided partitioning of LVM and/or RAID-1 would fail with:
>     kernel: ioctl32(parted_server:23148): Unknown cmd fd(9)
> cmd(41a04403){01} arg(ffa30938) on /dev/foo
> Only by manually setting up all partitions, RAID volumes, LVM
> physical/group/logical volumes, was I able to progress with a working
> LVM + RAID-1 system.

I guess this is basically a follow-up to your report #443272?

Good to hear you found a workaround for this issue. How exactly did you do 
the manual partitioning, especially the partitions on the physical device? 
I mean, what command did you use for that?


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