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Re: Splitting D-I translation in "sublevels": ready infrastructure

On Sunday 23 December 2007, Christian Perrier wrote:
> For work in progress, that would allow translators to focus on the most
> important strings and, for instance, to target completing sublevels 1
> and 2, before moving to the current "level 2" (tasksel, iso-codes...)
> before coming back on "sublevel 3" later.

Another option that was discussed and that would make inclusion of 
incomplete languages less of a problem, is to make localechooser display a 
warning if a translation is incomplete.
This would allow the user to either select a different language if (s)he 
speaks one, or break off the installation if (s)he's not confident of being 
able to correctly interpret any untranslated messages at critical points in 
the translation.

I've just committed an initial version of a script [1] that can generate the 
file to be used by localechooser to determine the correct warning (if any).

To ensure that the status in the file really corresponds to the actual 
status of the translation in the release, the file retrieves the PO files 
for the version of all packages *in testing* (using the release tags in 
SVN). These are split into sublevel files and the translation statistics 
for each level are calculated.

Here is a sample of the output of the script to the console:
I: Gathering the data...
I: processing anna (1.27)
I: processing apt-setup (1:0.32)
I: processing arch/alpha/aboot-installer (0.0.28)
I: processing arch/arm/glantank (1.5)
I: processing arch/i386/grub-installer (1.27)
I: processing arch/i386/lilo-installer (1.25)
I: Calculating statistics...
I: am is limited translated at 2: 432/1608
I: ar is mostly translated at 2: 1560/1608
I: be is mostly translated at 2: 1597/1608
I: bg is fully translated
I: ru is fully translated
I: sk is mostly translated at 2: 1597/1608
I: sl is mostly translated at 2: 1554/1608
I: sq is mostly translated at 2: 1595/1608
I: sv is mostly translated at 2: 1606/1608
I: ta is mostly translated at 3: 227/234

In the last lines the first number is the sublevel (sublevels 1 and 2 are 
combined as 2) and after the period are translated/total stings in the 

Note that only a few udebs currently actually have the sublevel markers in 
the version in testing, so a lot of strings that should be in sublevels are 
included in level 1 instead. This should be resolved after Beta1.

The output file currently looks as follows (this is an initial example and 
can be tuned when we implement the localechooser part):
am: 2 L
ar: 2 M
be: 2 M
bg: 5 F
ru: 5 F
sk: 2 M
sl: 2 M
sq: 2 M
sv: 2 M
ta: 3 M



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