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Re: d-i support for running in a Xen guest domain

On Sat, 12 Jan 2008, Ian Campbell wrote:

> Unfortunately the Xen domain builder isn't capable of loading a native
> bzImage directly -- it requires the ELF vmlinux. I hacked
> around that when I was playing with Xen enabled d-i and
> then promptly forgot I had done so, which is a shame because it's quite
> important! For now I grabbed the 686-bigmem vmlinux from the build tree
> and boot tested that.

hmm there were the xen images i guess they did something similar,
maybe look there on how to grab them with maintainer scripts.

so enabling won't bring us much for now also due to !pae i only see
a current value in i386 bigmem.
> The Fedora guys announced that they were working on dom0 paravirt_ops
> stuff at the end of last year [0]. I must admit I haven't really been
> keeping up with their efforts though.
> I had a dig around and didn't see anything further to what was
> announced. They were targeting Fedora 9. According to [1] feature freeze
> is start of March so I'd presume they plan to have patches before then.

referring to that:
 (seem to not load right now on my end, but should be the page)



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