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Re: partman support for m68k atari

On Monday 14 January 2008, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> Stephen R Marenka <stephen@marenka.net> writes:
> >> Has libparted really gained support for atari? It would surprise me as
> >> parted hasn't been updated since the release of Etch.
> >
> > There's a patch in 239816 which seems to work. I've been updating the
> > rest of d-i with the hope that one day parted will include that patch
> > or one like it. Meanwhile, I can run a full installation with my own
> > version of parted.
> I can apply it. Stephen, could you forword port it to apply on 1.8.8
> release? I'd like to push it upstream too.

BTW. What is the status of s/390 support in parted 1.8.x and is any work 
being done on getting a new release into experimental? The last tests I did 
showed serious failures for s/390, but that was ages ago.

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