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Re: partman support for m68k atari

On Sun, Jan 13, 2008 at 12:42:59AM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> (CCing Stephen as I'm not sure if he's subscribed)

I'm subscribed.

> Recently you committed this change in r50759:
> +partman-base (116) UNRELEASED; urgency=low
> +
> +  [ Stephen R. Marenka ]
> +  * m68k: don't make partman uninstallable for atari
> However, There is still this code in partman-partitioning/lib/disk-label.sh:
>             m68k)
>                 case "$sub" in
>                     amiga)
>                         echo amiga;;
>                     atari|q40)
>                         # unsupported by parted
>                         echo UNSUPPORTED;;

I just updated that right before I read this email. :)

| $ svn ci -m "add m68k/atari support"
| Sending        partman-partitioning/debian/changelog
| Sending        partman-partitioning/lib/disk-label.sh
| Transmitting file data ..
| Committed revision 50863.

> Has libparted really gained support for atari? It would surprise me as 
> parted hasn't been updated since the release of Etch.

There's a patch in 239816 which seems to work. I've been updating the
rest of d-i with the hope that one day parted will include that patch
or one like it. Meanwhile, I can run a full installation with my own
version of parted.

> If it has, shouldn't the code above be updated too? Which disk label does 
> atari use?
partman-partitioning/lib$ svn diff -rPREV disk-label.sh
Index: disk-label.sh
--- disk-label.sh       (revision 50862)
+++ disk-label.sh       (working copy)
@@ -69,8 +69,7 @@
                        echo amiga;;
-                       # unsupported by parted
-                       echo UNSUPPORTED;;
+                       echo atari;;
                        echo mac;;



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