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Bug#459895: GRUB autoconfigured to an unbootable state

On Monday 31 December 2007, Jack Gruendler wrote:
> I installed GRUB on the MBR of hdb (note: SECOND IDE disk, not first).
> After completing the installation and rebooting, GRUB reported "file not
> found" for vmlinuz. The reason for this is that since GRUB was installed
> on the second disk, hdb was assigned to (hd0) instead of (hd1). Changing
> the "root (hd1,0)" line to "root (hd0,0)" made the system bootable again.
> The GRUB configurator in the installer should have been sophisticated
> enough to realize the drive would be re-mapped and written the menu.lst
> correctly.

I'm not sure you are correct in that as there is actually no need to remap 
the drive.
For example, I have a test install with its own GRUB on a second harddisk 
that is chainloaded from GRUB on my first harddisk _without_ remapping the 
drives, so in that case GRUB's default configuration is perfectly OK.

IMO if you're going to do drive remapping (or if you set your BIOS to boot 
off a different disk than the first one), you should expect that you'll 
need to tweak the default installation.


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