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Bug#458916: critical graphical bug during execution of tasksel

If you absolute need that I make a new install with expert mode (I have already
do this, but not with this computer) I agree but I don't
understant why do this. I'm sure that it's about 90% of the executing of tasksel
becose I have already make many installations and despite this bug I can
reconize that taskesel continue this installation becose the screen continue to
move about 1 minutes.

I have no try the gtk installation then they are not any X server during the
installation. I have always use the deffault text-mode installator, I have type
nothing on the boot.

Did I answer your questions ?


> In #449055, you mentioned that the display corruption is happening
> "after the X resolution screen".
> Rémi, is this also what you experience?
> I don't remember whether this screen is displayed in default installs
> so you might better narrow the moment this happens by trying an expert
> install (just boot with "expert" at the installer's boot prompt
> instead of just typing the enter key).
> Rémi, another detail that needs to be precised: were you using the
> default (text-mode) installer or the graphical version.

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