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Bug#458916: critical graphical bug during execution of tasksel

Package: debian-installer
Version: testing daily 20071229
Severity: normal

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Hello All, Happy new year.

they are no problem during the instalation until tasksel
I install the defaults package : Desktop, laptop and base-sytem packages.
It good download all the packages
It good intall all packages but at about 90% the screen become absolutly crasy
I have put some pictures here : http://pazelty.free.fr/fichiers/bug/
1.jpg : It's the screen after dselect
2.jpg : it's the console (alt+F2)
3.jpg : it's the console (alt+F3)
4.jpg : (alt+F4)
5.jpg : On (alt+F1) it's the screen when I press enter

I can finish the install by press enter all time and It's work.
of course I can't choose anything like choose where will be install grub.
I can view if the screen move or not. but I can read anything

It's a bery beautiful bug but it's not easy to finish the installation.

I have install many few time and I have always this bug... exept one time when I have select nothing with tasksel

--- System information. ---
Architecture: i386
Kernel: Linux 2.6.24-rc6.071229

Debian Release: lenny/sid
500 testing security.debian.org
500 testing ftp.fr.debian.org
500 stable ftp.fr.debian.org

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