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Re: hwclock is not working correctly on compaq 6510b, compaq presario c700

Op 01-01-2008 om 14:33 schreef Praveen A:
> 2007/12/31, Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl>:
> > No, it's not an issue in util-linux, but in the kernel.
> > Most systems don't need the option, so adding it by default would not be
> > the correct solution.
> It would be great if the installer can try this option if /dev/rtc
> fails and setup the scripts correctly to use this option every time. I
> think having correct time in the system is very important and we
> shouldn't leave it open when there is an option.

Yes, patches are allways welcome.

Feel free to come with some change to the source code,
so do NOT keep trying until the perfect patch is there.

Just something that works
on the hardware that need the modification is fine.

Happy Newyear
Geert Stappers

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