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Bug#454493: Display PCI slot for nics, if available

On Sunday 09 December 2007, Joey Hess wrote:
> Debconf would display the above example as:
> 	eth0: foo bar description
> 	eth0: mac address: xxx:xxx... [slot 1]

Ah, so basically just have two lines and two effectively identical choices 
per NIC. Guess that could work. Maybe we could even code it so that that is 
only done if there are duplicate descriptions.

Maybe we should not duplicate the "eth0:", but indent with spaces.

Would it affect preseeding?

What did you think of my proposal?

> > We already have the test for the link (although I'm not sure that it
> > works in all cases). Any ideas on how to test for a dhcp server in
> > netcfg?
> >
> > Maybe using something like dhcping on all NICs where a link is
> > detected?
> It could just run dhclient on all NICs in parallel and take the winner.

Hmm. Doesn't dhclient do that anyway if you call it without a specific 
interface name? We would indeed have to identify the winner for correct 
creation of /etc/interfaces.

It would however mean either moving dhclient from netcfg to ethdetect or 
moving interface selection (for the static configuration case) from 
ethdetect to netcfg.

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