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Bug#454493: Display PCI slot for nics, if available

Frans Pop wrote:
> > eth0: foo bar description, eth0: mac address: xxx:xxx... [slot 1]
> >
> > That would be one way to do it without modifying debconf. You could also
> > get rid of the "eth0: " prefix if you wanted to by using Choices-C.
> I'm probably just being thick, but what exactly are you proposing here?

Debconf would display the above example as:

	eth0: foo bar description
	eth0: mac address: xxx:xxx... [slot 1]

> We already have the test for the link (although I'm not sure that it works 
> in all cases). Any ideas on how to test for a dhcp server in netcfg?
> Maybe using something like dhcping on all NICs where a link is detected?

It could just run dhclient on all NICs in parallel and take the winner.

see shy jo

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