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Re: Fwd: Bug#446994: partman-base: <go back> from first dialog no longer works

> It is no longer possible to <Go Back> from the first partman dialog
> (selection of partman-auto partitioning method). Instead partman loops
> back to the same dialog.

The following are changes I did in partman-auto/display.d/initial_auto:

@@ -119,7 +120,10 @@
        ask_user /lib/partman/automatically_partition
-if [ $code -lt 100 ]; then
+if [ $code -eq 255 ]; then
+       code=99 # do not back up to main menu, restart partman instead
+if [ $code -gt 0 ] && [ $code -lt 100 ]; then
        rm -f /var/lib/partman/initial_auto # try again
 echo "partman-auto/automatically_partition" >

The fact I put a comment here means I have caused this bug intentionaly.
However now I can not remember my reasons so maybe it is just a mistake.

Try not to change $code from 255 to 99 here and hopefuly this will fix the
bug. That is, remove the "if [ $code -eq 255 ]; then" line and the two
lines after it.

Anton Zinoviev

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