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Re: [RFC] No longer create full set of static devices during install

On Tuesday 13 November 2007, Colin Watson wrote:
> > We could probably make the debootstrap udeb "arch all" by moving
> > pkgdetails to base-installer and passing '--arch $(udpkg
> > --print-architecture)', but I'm not sure that's worth it.
> +1 also,

Cool. I've just committed the changes I had prepared (and tested).
I'd very much appreciate a review of these changes.

One thing that is not completely nice is that bootstrap-base now installs a 
file in /usr/lib/debootstrap/. I thought about putting it elsewhere, but 
think the current location is defensible as well with the rationale that it 
provides a missing component of debootstrap.

I also have a patch prepared that saves 3kB by using tab indentation in 
debootstrap and function. Will commit that next.

> except I'd do it by adding: 
>   elif type udpkg >/dev/null 2>&1 && udpkg --print-architecture
> >/dev/null 2>&1; then ARCH=`udpkg --print-architecture`
> ... to debootstrap rather than passing the architecture in from
> base-installer.

Hmmm. Why?
We also control other (IMO similar) parameters from base-installer and your 
suggestion adds an (admittedly light) dependency on D-I internals to 


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