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Re: (summary?) Re: [RFC] Support for using multiple CDs during installation

Op 01-11-2007 om 08:49 schreef Christian Perrier:
> Quoting Geert Stappers (stappers@stappers.nl):
> > Op 01-11-2007 om 07:15 schreef Christian Perrier:
> >    <bigsnip/> 
> > > As a conclusion, I really would like to see Frans proposal
> > > implemented. The plan he proposed seems right to me.
> > 
> > Funny.
> Sorry but I have actually no clue to understand what you mean by this
> and the following statements.

My message is:  Don't do everthing at install time

Geert Stappers
Now writing "Don't do" again  :-(

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