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Bug#447326: pkgsel: add support for pre-hooks

dann frazier wrote:
> This patch adds an /usr/lib/pre-pkgsel.d/ directory where hooks can be
> added in a run-parts fashion. popcon handling has been factored out
> into its own script in this directory.
> My main motivation for this patch is that I wanted the ability to
> install a package containing a task definition into /target just
> before tasksel gets executed.

Couldn't you get the same effect by using apt-install in
pressed/early_command, or in a hook in /usr/lib/base-installer.d?

Or does this need to happen after apt-setup?

The patch is fine for small hooks, but doesn't advance the progress bar
between hooks as base-installer does, so would be problimatic if any
hooks took long.

see shy jo

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