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Bug#445157: debootstrap - hardcoded value of TARGET in second-stage prevents creation of a foreign chroot

Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:

> Neil Williams wrote:
>> OK. I've done the doclifter thing and updated the XML, generated a new
>> manpage and compared it with the old. I'm assuming you don't want the
>> build-dependency on docbook-xsl so I've included a patch to create a
>> README that documents how to use xsltproc to generate the manpage.
>> (Note that the man page *diff* is larger than the entire XML file!)
> Please don't ship files in the source that can be generated at build time.
> Requiring a manual step is just adding complexity and asking for
> mistakes.
> Is there a reason why you've chosen to use a manpage generation tool
> if you don't think it's good for the package to build-depend on it? For
> that matter, why choose docbook-xsl instead of docbook2x-man?
> And finally, isn't just vi $manpage easier than all this?

I've commited using your (Joey's) manpage version since the diff was
much smaller.

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