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Bug#445157: debootstrap - hardcoded value of TARGET in second-stage prevents creation of a foreign chroot

On Sat, 06 Oct 2007 15:33:43 -0300
Otavio Salvador <otavio@debian.org> wrote:

> >> I wasn't sure what name to use for the command line option and I'm not
> >> sure about how the patch results in:
> >
> > Maybe: --second-stage-target looks clearer.
> Could you update the manpage? So we can commit it.

Is the lack of a manpage update going to block the bug?

How is the debootstrap manpage normally updated?

I would normally use doclifter if this was a package that I was
maintaining - storing the XML in the package source and using
docbook-xsl to update it prior to building the package to prevent a
build dependency. However, using doclifter means that the diff to the
original manpage is quite large and is not limited to the new text, it
can also change (for the better usually) the appearance of certain
parts of the manpage (headers generally).

Currently, emdebian-tools is going to have to distribute a modified
version of debootstrap in /usr/share/emdebian-tools/ in order to
support this functionality in our root filesystem creation scripts. I'd
rather have support within debootstrap itself and then emdebian-tools
can just depend on debootstrap (>= 1.0.4).

emdebian-tools 0.4.1 is due for upload to Emdebian tonight but I would
like to have this fixed before the next round of debconf translations
require an upload to Debian (at least two weeks).


Neil Williams

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