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Bug#444978: Debian instalation

Jérémy Bobbio escreveu:

I apoligy for the initial handling of this bug which was done wrong,
IMHO.  So let's start everything again! :)

On Tue, Oct 02, 2007 at 09:37:25AM -0300, jecdiniz wrote:
Boot method: CD/DVD
Image version: www.debian.org by jigdo
Date: 29/09/2007

You actually forgot to give us the precious basic information that we
need: which version of the installer were you actually using.

Is it one of the official Etch image, or one of the daily builds?

Machine: DG965SS machine by Intel
I bought a new machine with mother board DG965SS from Intel and DVD GSA-4160 from LG. When I install the Debian, the CD-ROM is not found

Is your DVD drive connected through SATA?

Having a motherboard based on i965 myself, I remember that I had to
fiddle with some BIOS settings to get my drives recognized (switching
from AHCI to Legacy mode).

If you are trying to install Debian Etch (the current "stable" release),
you can also try the unofficial images made by Kenshi Muto available at:

These images contain a newer kernel than the official Etch images that
is known to support more SATA drives.


During instalation, I choice the portuguese language and the type of keyboard. Everyrthing normal and when the I get the CD-ROM item, I got the problem. I able to boot the DVD but the problem occurs whem I try to install trought  my DVD.  I have in my machine the Windows XP and I don't have this problem. I saw the new release (release 1) of Etch 4 and my version is old. I tryng to install the Debian Etch 4 release 0. Do you think that the problem is this?

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