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Bug#444978: Debian instalation

Hi jecdiniz!

On 10/3/07, jecdiniz <jecdiniz@yahoo.com.br> wrote:
> During instalation, I choice the portuguese language and the type of keyboard.
> Everyhing normal and when the I get the CD-ROM item, I got the problem.
> I able to boot the DVD but the problem occurs whem I try to install trought  my DVD.
> I have in my machine the Windows XP and I don't have this problem. I saw the new
> release of Etch 4 and my version is old. Do you think that the problem is this?

It might be.  Could you please state exactly which version of the
Debian Installer you tried?

This should help in finding out why it didn't recognize your CD.
Using a more current version will probably fix the problem


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