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Bug#445211: installation-report: Kernel panics every time I try to boot it.

On Fri, Oct 05, 2007 at 03:44:50AM -0500, nospam@wg3.net wrote:
> > In case you aren't, could you chez the lilo.conf file in the installed
> > system (of course not being able to boot it will require tweaking such
> > as booting from a Live CD such as Knoppix, or the Debian Installer CD
> > in rescue mode).
> I suppose that I could -- if I had a floppy drive in the machine!! ;)

You can boot the Debian Installer in "Rescue mode".  Then you can chroot
into your installed system, install SSH or any tools suitable to
transfer files and copy it to any other machine that you have access to...

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