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Bug#445211: installation-report: Kernel panics every time I try to boot it.

Quoting nospam@wg3.net (nospam@wg3.net):

> > Could you also check and send here the parameters used by grub to boot
> > the system ?
> > 
> > 
> > (you can see them at the boot menu by hitting 'e' on the default
> > entry)
> I'm afraid I'm not using GRUB to boot the system. I'm using LILO.

Hmmm, then you probably didn't run a default install, did you?

Are you in a position to test the very same install with grub?

In case you aren't, could you chez the lilo.conf file in the installed
system (of course not being able to boot it will require tweaking such
as booting from a Live CD such as Knoppix, or the Debian Installer CD
in rescue mode).

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