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Re: RAID Controllers and devfs

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I hope this E-mail brings attention
to the now _two failing_ RAID controllors.

> > Let us, the mailinglist, known how to boot with the adaptec 2400
> Still no luck with it; so we decided to replace that card with an IDE
> controller PCI card (Promise TX2 133).
> And it's not getting any better: I installed again the system with the
> "etch" netinst CD; the installation goes OK (the drives attached to the
> controller PCI card are also detected).
> But when grub loads the newly installed kernel, the machine reboots! (Where
> previously it just freezed.)
> If I remove the PCI card, the machine boots OK from the hard disk.
> If I leave the card in, and boot a "sarge" system (that provides a 2.4
> kernel), the problem does not occur (no immediate reboot).
> What are the possibilities then?
> Faulty hardware: motherboard?  Now, it would be a great coincidence that
> both PCI cards would be defective. [I even put them in different slots.]
> Kernel bug?  As the problem shows up differently (reboot vs freeze) with
> each card.
> Also for the IDE card, the behaviour is different for 2.4 (boot OK) and 2.6
> (freeze).
> What test can I perform in order to know whether we have to buy a new
> machine?
> [And still wondering why the kernel booted from the install CD works and
> then doesn't when booted from the hard disk...]

At the install CD is something what is called devfs.
I don't known enough about devfs to explain what it is.

Things  I know about it are:
 * there is no devfs on the installed computer (as in "it is not used")
 * devfs is about to be removed from the installer
   see http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/RemoveDevFS for details

That limited knowledge implies that I don't have a clue if
failing RAID controllors and devfs are related.

Geert Stappers
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Don't fight back, fight forward ...
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