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Re: New templates for lilo-installer far from perfect

Quoting Jérémy Bobbio (lunar@debian.org):
> Hi!
> Sorry for the hasty changes.  I am still trying to understand the right
> processes and well, it would be very kind if someone could give me (or
> point me to) a step-by-step guide on how to deal with template changes.

Well, that may depend on the context but, as I wrote eyou privately:

If the template is brand new, you have two choices:
- ask for a review in -boot
- if hardly needed for a new upload fixing something you want to fix
  quickly, temporarily mark it as non translatable, upload and ask for
  a review

If the template is an old one which you modify, it wouldn't be wise to
mark it as non translatable because that would risk losing the former
translations at next l10n-sync. In such case, we could imagine to first
*copy* the old template temporarily without modifying it *and* modify
the template while unmarking it for translations.

That would preserve former translations and leave time for
reviews. Then, once reviewed, the new template is marked for
translation, we run l10n-sync once so that the translation from the
old template go to the new one (by fuzzy matching), then we remove the
useless old one.

I hope this is clear enough..harder to explain than imagine, indeed....

> > Template: lilo-installer/serial-console
> > Type: note
> > _Description: LILO configured to use a serial console
> >  LILO is configured to use serial port ${PORT} as the console.
> >  ${PORT_SPEED}
> > 
> > Having the port speed alone in a sentence is grammatically incorrect.
> Maybe this was not the good thing to do either, but "${PORT_SPEED}" is
> replaced by the content of the "lilo-installer/port-speed" template
> _only_ in the case where the speed of the serial port was specified on
> the command-line.
> The previous template resulted in ${SPEED} being empty if no speed was
> specified on the installer command-line, which was an issue introduced
> in lilo-installer/1.22.

Why not replace ${SPEED} by "automatic" or something similar in such

That would allow something like:

 ILO is configured to use serial port ${PORT} (speed: ${PORT_SPEED})
  as the console.

> > I also would like to know the rationale about interrupting the
> > installation at medium priority to display a note. OK, this was maybe
> > there already but my feeling is that this note is not really useful
> > (that's debatable).
> This note has been introduced has a fix for #191588.  I don't have a
> precise opinion on its usefulness though.

Hmm, well, if that's old stuff, then let us leave it there.....

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