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Re: E: Unimplemented function between time and choose language

* Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com> [2007-09-03 19:42]:
> before showing the "Choose Language" menu I see the following messages
> on the screen:
> E: Unimplemented function
> E: Unimplemented function
> E: Unimplemented function
> E: Unimplemented function

I've tracked this down now.  The problem is the new order in which
programs are called.  When I boot my machine, I run through the

 - Choose a mirror of the Debian archive: Austria
 - Loading additional components
 - Setting up clock, which calls tzsetup
 - Choose language (localechooser)

Now, the problem here is that tzsetup requires
debian-installer/country, which is empty at that point.
debian-installer/country only gets set during localechooser which is
called right after tzsetup.

In fact, there's another bug, which shows up because of this: tzsetup
obtains debian-installer/country from debconf.  In my case, this is
empty.  Then it does:
        zone=$(grep "^$CC" /usr/share/tzsetup/tzmap | cut -d ' ' -f 2)
        db_set time/zone "$zone"
Since $CC is empty, $zone contains the whole /usr/share/tzsetup/tzmap
file.  Apparently, db_set doesn't deal with this, and prints "E:
Unimplemented function".  I consider this a bug in debconf, especially
given that it (apparently) completely breaks the debconf database.

Martin Michlmayr

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